USO Volunteer Receives The President’s Volunteer Service Award

As a U.S. Ret. SFC Vietnam Veteran, Donnie Green Sr. has lived many of the challenges that service members and their families face today. His charismatic smile makes the soldiers feel comfortable and appreciated. Donnie has been a USO volunteer since November 2014. One of several reasons he volunteers at the USO is – to ensure the service members know they are appreciated and to make a difference in their lives. Motivated by his authentic desire to serve others, Donnie shares freely of his time, skills and talent. Cooking at special events is one of the ways he shows his appreciation. Recently Donnie was presented with “The President’s Volunteer Service Award” for his contributions to the military and the USO mission. After being presented with the award, Donnie stated, “I see my participation at the USO as a token of appreciation to those volunteers who gave of themselves when I was an active duty soldier. I could always depend on those volunteers at the many different cities and airports throughout the world I visited. The USO was there when we all desperately needed a small piece of home amid the war, the loneliness and the sense of being so far from home. My volunteering is a means of me saying many times, Thank you, thank you….” Who better to serve as a volunteer, than someone who has been in their shoes and can relate and truly understand the needs of America’s service members. Donnie, is an exceptional volunteer and we are very fortunate to have him. Kudos to Donnie!!

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