Operation Birthday Cake Surprises Service Member During Field Training

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Sometimes it’s ok to take a break from training to celebrate a birthday!

When it comes to birthdays, moms know their kids are never too old for a surprise. Carla Lang, the mother of a soldier stationed at Ft. Bliss, contacted the USO to request a surprise birthday cake delivery for her son.

While speaking to USO El Paso staff, Carla mentioned that her family had been going through a tough time, “I would like to show him that I love him and that I am thinking about him on his birthday.”

USO El Paso began the planning process and together with leadership from Ft. Bliss’ 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division set the stage. On a beautiful sunny day, our team set out into a training range in the dusty Chihuahuan desert where the birthday boy was training with his unit.

The group was gathered together and the man of the hour was brought out front-and-center. His fellow soldiers sang and congratulated him before enjoying the sweet treat together.

“I want to thank you for doing this. These pictures have brought happy tears,” wrote Mrs. Lang upon receiving the photos of the day’s surprise.

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