Children take the lead to strengthen their military families

A military teen explains his family’s solution to their biggest connection challenge.

21 JAN 2017 - Ft. Bliss military families came together to participate in activities in an effort to build a stronger connection.

At this event the kids were the boss! Children of military families lead creative play activities encouraging participation from all family members. “We had a blast and learned a lot about our kids,” said a military dad.

The day’s activities culminated with each family being asked to identify the biggest connection challenge in their household and then build the solution. “My favorite thing was working as a team to build something creative and exciting,” said one military teen.

This event was not only fun and exciting but an impactful day of memories that these families will will keep forever.

“I wasn’t sure my 13 year old son would want to do this with me. I’m so glad he did and he had fun!” - Military Mom

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