International Women's Day

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day and is commemorated in many countries throughout the globe. It is a day when women are acknowledged for their accomplishments. International Women’s Day has become an inclusive facet for women in developed and developing countries. So it’s no wonder that, in celebration of this year’s, International Women’s Day, Barbie® is memorializing accomplished role models with their very own dolls. From aviator Amelia Earhart to USA Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim, Barbie® created 17 realistic-looking dolls, influenced by powerful women from all different backgrounds and occupational fields. This is not the first time that Barbie® celebrated the accomplishments of women in this way. In 1989, Barbie® joined the Army. This Barbie® is an Army Sergeant who served as a medic in the Persian Gulf War in the 101st Airborne Division, which is famed for its skill and daring in air assault. In 1990, she joined the Air Force. A year later, she joined the Navy and then, in 1992, the Marines. Her uniforms—ranging from battle dress uniform (BDU) to formal military dress—were approved by the Pentagon. So today, let us celebrate that special women in our lives that has been an influence. But most of all, celebrate those women in our armed forces that has and have sacrificed so much to maintain our freedoms and our way of life. Without these brave women, there would be no celebration. Happy International Women’s Day.

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