Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program United Through Reading

The partnership between The Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program, allows the USO to bring United Through Reading (UTR) to service members stationed near or far away. Because of The Bob Hope Legacy, and United Through Reading, service members can send love in a story, from anywhere in the world. Service members record themselves reading a favorite story and having it sent home to their children. A book is read and a recording is made for that special someone and helps bring families together, regardless of the miles that may separate them. Service members stationed at McGregor Range Ft. Bliss, know first-hand how far reaching this program is. McGregor Range is an integral part of the U.S. Air Defense Artillery Center and United Through Reading and The Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program has become an integral part of McGregor Range. McGregor Range has a library of books and DVDs, utilized by service members during training. Service members record their stories and the USO sends those recordings anywhere in the U.S. to their love ones and the family connection is strengthened. Service members are invited to come by the East Bliss USO or if stationed at McGregor Range, take the time to make a recording. It will make a child’s day. For more information about the program or if you would like to create a story for your special one, contact Brenda Powell-Russell at 915-744-3475 or drop by 20727 Constitution Avenue, East Ft. Bliss.

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